Nutrafol vs Viviscal

By | May 18, 2018

Having a hair problem could be very stressing, not only it will get in the way of your appearance but seeing our hair getting thinner by each passing day will make anybody feel miserable. If you are currently having a thinning hair problem or hair loss, this article will help you find a solution. In this article we will introduce you to 2 hair growth supplements, which is very famous and recommended by many people.

In this article we will give you information about:
• What is Nutrafol and Viviscal
• What can you get from consuming Nutrafol and Viviscal
• Nutrafol vs Viviscal

About Nutrafol
Nutrafol is a supplement marketed for women and men who suffer from hair loss. This supplement claimed that they are made with a unique formula and also one of the most comprehensive and scientifically advanced hair loss supplements available in the market today. Nutrafol targeted two specific causes of hair loss, which are inflammation and elevated stress hormones. By specifically targeting these causes, Nutrafol claims to be better than other hair fall supplements.

Nutrafol became so famous and was recommended by many prestige salons around the world, as well as prominent dermatologists and plastic surgeons. In Amazon, you can find the list names of world-renowned dermatologists who recommended Nutrafol. Prominent women’s magazines like Allure also have reviewed this supplement.

Nutrafol Benefit
Unlike other types of treatments for hair loss or hair thinning, Nutrafol uses biotin, zinc, and collagen to target underlying factors of hair loss by aiding the health of the hair follicle. The factors for hair loss can be caused inflammation, damage, and injury, which is located at the follicle. The follicle must be treated first because without healing the follicle, it would be impossible to rebalance the health of the scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Different from other supplements Nutrafol has used science to discover long-term solutions to hair loss and thinning by addressing four stages of healthy hair growth. The first stage of healthy hair is trying to stabilize the harmful levels of DHT and also trying to reduce the stress hormones to stop potential damage to the follicle. The second stage is trying to break down the happening of regular inflammation and other factors like oxidative stress, which may affect hair growth by inhabiting cycling and signaling.

The third step is to rejuvenate the dead follicles by promoting healthy hair, improving circulation and structure, which will allow the follicle to heal. The last step is to stimulate the growth cycle to provide the hair with vitamins also other important nutrients for healthy hair growth and balancing the scalp.

About Viviscal
Viviscal is supplements made to reduce hair thinning or hair loss and also healthily regrow your hair. Viviscal is very famous in Canada as a nutritional supplement targeted at hair health, from American Magazine. Many public figures are recommending it such as Cate Blanchett, Miley Cyrus, Kate Hudson, Cynthia Nixon, and Christina Aguilera. Viviscal claims that it can strengthen hair and encourages growth when taken twice a day for at least half a year. See also comparisons between Toppik vs Viviscal.

Viviscal was designed for anyone who is currently seeking a way to slow hair thinning and to reduce hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by genetics, stress, certain oral contraceptives, a poor diet, and also hormonal influences.

Viviscal Benefit
Viviscal contains vitamin C, Niacin, Biotin, Iron, Zinc, AminoMar Marine Complex, Horsetail Extract, and Millet Seed Extract. The most prominent ingredients among all of them are the AminoMar, it is composed of Shark Powder and Mollusk Powder. The Biotin contains in Viviscal is a soluble form of Vitamin B complex this substance will act as a catalyst in the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and amino acids in the human body. Those elements play important parts in the creation of human hair structure.

Viviscal also rich in vitamin C, it support and also act as a catalyst to absorb the absorption of iron by your blood, which is very important for your hair growth. The other important ingredients are iron, iron helps produce red blood cells and expedites the transportation of oxygen to your cells, including the hair follicles.

Viviscal also has other variety, which is Viviscal the Extra Strength, Viviscal For Men, and Viviscal Professional. They have the different amount of AminoMar content in the product. Viviscal For Men has 452.9 mg of AminoMar Complex, while Viviscal Extra Strength has the same amount like the regular Viviscal, which is 450 mg. Viviscal Professional is said not to be sold to the public, but it is available through doctors and salons.

Nutrafol vs Viviscal

- Can retake control of your hairline
- 100% drug free
- Endorsed by over 850 physicians and top stylists nationwide
- 100% Drug Free Dietary Supplement
- Backed by 5 Clinical Trials
- No.1 Selling Hair Growth Supplement Worldwide

Both of Nutrafol and Viviscal is recommended by BAZAAR as 12 Supplements to Take for Shiny, Healthy Hair” when talking about supplements, cosmetics or such things, we will never truly known which will work the best if we haven’t tried it first yet. Some people might be suitable for one type of supplements and other may not. Between Nutrafol and Viviscal, we can see that both of them claim to do the job very good. If this is your first time trying one of them, we recommended to choose Viviscal first, they have more affordable price and was also recommended by many famous people who have been given benefit consuming the supplements.