Nutri Ox vs Nioxin

By | May 10, 2018

Hair thinning and hair loss are indeed very annoying problems. Some people are simply disturbed by the loose hair shafts on their shoulders. Some others have a bigger confidence problem. There are now many products on the market that can help you treat hair thinning and hair loss. You should consider using a shampoo that is specially formulated for treating hair loss, such as Nutri Ox and Nioxin. Below, we will discuss about the Nutri Ox vs Nioxin hair treatments to help you decide which one is the better product.

The first difference between Nutri Ox vs Nioxin that people usually point out is the prices. Yes, indeed; Nioxin is widely considered as an expensive treatment. This is why there are many people looking for an alternative for Nioxin. This product is available in different bundles which are specifically formulated for different cases of hair loss, such as for brittle hair and for chemically treated hair.

On the other hand, Nutri Ox is available at a much lower price point. The price is about half of the price of Nioxin. Due to the lower price, Nutri Ox has become a popular alternative to Nioxin. And just like Nioxin, Nutri Ox is also designed to reduce and stop hair loss while at the same time it also promotes stronger and healthier hair regrowth.

Nioxin usually comes with the shampoo and the conditioner. You use the shampoo while you are washing your hair. This shampoo will cleanse the scalp from build-ups, oils, and other pollutants to create the ideal environment for hair regrowth. After you have finished showering, you can use the conditioner which will nourish the scalp and hair to promote hair regrowth.

Nutri Ox is quite similar. There is also the shampoo, which you use when you are washing your hair. The function of the shampoo is similar to that of Nioxin, which is to cleanse the scalp and hair thoroughly. However, there is also the gel treatment. You apply the gel treatment directly to your hair. Massage it with both hands to distribute it evenly across your scalp. It will nourish your hair to make them thicker and stronger.

Many users have said that both Nutri Ox vs Nioxin are effective for growing stronger hair. Nioxin does not immediately stop the hair loss progress. However, the most noticeable effect is that it makes the newly grown hair stronger so that they don’t break or fall off easily.

Nutri Ox also provides similar results. It makes the new hair thicker and stronger. Some users say that it is just as effective as Nioxin. However, some others say that it is somewhat less potent than Nioxin, as it takes a longer time to show improvements.

Nutri Ox vs Nioxin

- Ultra-concentrated
- Maximizes the potential for healthy
- Delivers nourishment and oxygen to the root of the hair shaft
- Deliver denser-looking hair
- Cleanses excessive sebum cuticle damage
- Strengthens hair againts cuticle damage

Both Nutri Ox and Nioxin are good treatments to combat hair thinning and hair loss. If you don’t mind spending more money for the best quality formulas, Nioxin is the way to go. However, if you prefer a more budget-friendly solution, Nutri Ox makes a decent alternative.