Oster T Finisher vs Andis T Outliner

By | May 10, 2018

Both Oster T Finisher and Andis T Outliner are hair clippers that are great for detailing and precision trimming. They both make use of the T-blade design to deliver close cuts and detailed results. So, which is the hair clipper that you should choose? Below, we will take a look at the pros and cons of Oster T Finisher vs Andis T Outliner to help you decide. So, continue reading!

About Oster T Finisher
The Oster brand is known for producing high-quality barber clippers, and Oster T Finisher is an excellent hair clipper with a great overall score, suitable for professionals. It easily ranks among the best models in the industry with the great precision, quiet and cool performance, and budget-friendly price.

Despite the apparent bulkiness and weight, the body is actually narrow. You can hold it confidently, and the weight brings a good feel to the grip. There is no need to worry about the maneuverability because you will get plenty. The box includes a 1.5” T Finisher blade which is extremely precise for any cut and trim. You can easily achieve sideburn cleanups, ear trims, beard grooming, and neckline detailing with this blade.

Despite the superior precision, Oster T Finisher will not really give you the closest cut. However, this model is very suitable for sensitive skin, as it has very little chance to irritate the skin. If you really want to get an extremely close cut, you should consider getting the T shaving replacement blade, which will deliver finer, closer, and even more detailed cuts and trims.

If you are already familiar with vintage designs, you probably will not mind the bulky feel of the clipper. However, if you are already used to the more compact modern designs, there is a chance that you will dislike it. The bundle only comes with a cleaning brush and the clipper oil, without any comb or blade guard.

About Andis T Outliner
So, what is the difference between Oster T Finisher vs Andis T Outliner? While Oster T Finisher excels in precision, Andis T Outliner excels in power. It comes in a grey plastic casing. Well, it does not really look appealing, but do not underestimate the potential. The ergonomic design ensures a stable and comfortable grip at all time.

Andis T Outliner is powered by an electromagnetic motor which cuts at 7200 strokes per minute. With such power, you can easily cut through any amount and any type of hair easily. The carbon-steel blades are crafted to handle high volumes of hair and are extremely tough. It can give you extremely close results, but it is still suitable for sensitive skin.

However, the plastic casing is not very durable. It can become very hot after non-stop continuous usage, so try to let it cool down every once in a while.

Oster T Finisher vs Andis T Outliner

- Whisper quiet pivot motor
- Close-cutting narrow T-Blade design
- Great for detailing & trimming around ears, beard, mustache, side burns & neckline
- Intended for professional use only and is designed to deliver the sharp performance
- All the power of a full size clipper in a miniature size that fits in the palm of your hand
- With compact size and sleek design

If you need great precision and the ability to work continuously, Oster T Finisher makes a better choice. This model is great for barbers and professional users due to the quiet and cool performance. The great precision will make detailing and precision trimming very easy. However, if you prefer a more powerful clipper that can tackle any amount of hair and deliver extremely close cuts, go with Andis T Outliner.