Parlux 3800 vs 3200

By | May 18, 2018

So, you are now confused in choosing between Parlux 3200 and Parlux 3800 Both are high-quality hair dryers that have been chosen by many people to take care of their or other people’s hair. Interestingly, both Parlux 3200 and Parlux 3800 are compact, lightweight hair dryers. Parlux 3200 is quite older, introduced in 2004 to the market, whereas Parlux 3800 is a newer model released in 2010. Of course, the price of Parlux 3800 is a step more expensive than Parlux 3200. So, is the pricier model worth the money, or should you pick the cheaper one in order to get the fullest bang of the bucks? Find out below.

At the time of its release, Parlux 3200 was praised for being so compact and lightweight despite the great power, making it very handy and convenient to use. However, Parlux 3800 has heightened the standards. Parlux 3800 is even more compact and more lightweight than Parlux 3200, meaning that the model is even more practical to use. They each come with a 9-feet extra strong power cord that allows you to be mobile without worrying about the cable getting damaged due to getting coiled, pressed, and all. However, we should note that Parlux 3800 can only run on 110 Volts, whereas Parlux 3200 can run on both 110 Volts voltage and 220 Volts voltage. Parlux 3800 is available in just three color variants: black, red, and white; Parlux 3200 is available in five color variants, which are black, gray, red, pink, and purple. See also our previous post about hair tool’s product here!

Features and Performance
Even though they both come with 4 temperature settings and 2 speeds, they actually have different levels of output power. Parlux 3200 was considered powerful with 1900 Watts of power at the time of the release, but Parlux 3800 is now what you would call as powerful – boasting 2100 Watts of power. Obviously, Parlux 3800 can produce a higher airflow than Parlux 3200, meaning that it can dry your thick hair faster than ever.

Both are safe to use, as they have no toxic emission. They have a safety thermostat that controls and prevents overheating, a built-in silencer to make the operation quiet, the cold shot feature, as well as two included nozzles.

Parlux 3800 vs 3200

- K lamination motor
- 2 speed 4 temerature settings
- Low noise immediate cold switch 2 unbreakable nozzles
- It is an innovative advanced and futuristic hairdryer
- It guarantees healthy, static-free hair
- Built-in silencer greatly reduces the noise

All in all, Parlux 3800 makes the best way to go. It has improved design and increased power. Besides that it is more compact and lightweight, the higher power will allow you to handle thick hair more easily.