Propidren vs Viviscal 

By | March 27, 2020

Men and women, all of us want to have thick, healthy hair for they can improve your appearance and will enhance self-confidence. However, sometimes we also have to deal with hair problems such as hair loss which can be stressful and for those experiencing the same issue, Propidren Vs Viviscal will be a promising solution to try. Both of them are made from beneficial ingredients but also different and before deciding to choose one, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do You Need a Hair Supplement 
  • What are Propidren and Viviscal
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  • What Propidren and Viviscal can offer
  • How are the Dosage of Propidren and Viviscal
  • Propidren Vs Viviscal

Hair Supplement

Beauty products are a huge market and this category is crowded by various brands with similar claims to help certain problems especially those related to beauty and appearance. Many of us are concerned about healthy skin, some want to have lighter skin, and some of us want thicker hair. One thing that we have to keep in mind is supplements in general are somehow not fully regulated and many are also not FDA approved so not all of them are fully researched.

If you are here it means we have the same concern about hair loss and this is actually a common problem that is experienced by so many people all around the world. For those who are experiencing a light hair loss, topical products that we can purchase at most stores will be able to handle the issue while those with progressing hair loss or have tried many common products but still can’t fix the issue may want to visit their dermatologist before it gets worse.

Your physician will try to find out the cause of this hair loss and prescribe medication in an attempt to slow down the process or address the underlying issue. It may take time to fully heal but there are also those who can’t do anything about the condition. Hair loss caused by hormones for example is difficult to heal and there is no cure yet for this condition. However, in early stages of hair loss, supplements may work for you.

Supplement is a convenient solution because they are sold everywhere and you can get them without any prescription, the same with other food supplements such as multivitamins or certain vitamins to enrich the diet. However, since their claim is not guaranteed, it is difficult to say whether the product will work for you or not; the same with shampoo or hair serum. Hair supplement is made up from various vitamins, minerals, and some herbs that are suggested or have proven to play a role in hair health.

Many users of these supplements have proven the benefits; they can have longer hair, healthier looking, easy to manage, and the best thing is they may also stop the hair loss. Supplement is also easy to consume and fairly affordable for many people to try. Those that can get the best benefit from hair supplements are people who are deficient in certain vitamins or minerals since you can see the result faster as we are supplying the body with the lacking nutrients.

About Propidren and Viviscal

As an effort to achieve a better looking hair, the cost of supplement will seem affordable compared to the stress of the situation. Hair supplements in general will be the same as the ingredients stay the same but different manufacturers have different formulations hence there might be some differences in result as well but, it also depending on the users as the one great on another user is not a guarantee that it will deliver the same benefit in our body.

But, choosing a popular supplement of those with many satisfying results will be better as they have a higher chance to work and it means the product quality is great. Among those huge amounts of hair supplements, we are sure many of us are familiar with Propidren and Viviscal because these two are very popular and have been used by countless people to improve hair health. They seem to deliver a good result as well because users see the results after consuming the product.

These hair supplements are going to be a great choice if you are experiencing hair loss which is caused by vitamins or mineral deficiencies because they are what prominently made of and for people who are experiencing hair loss due to hormone, we personally don’t think they will be very effective since these brands don’t have the certain drug use to treat this issue. However, with the amount of satisfactory stories they sure are very interesting solutions to try both for men and women.

Propidren is a product of HairGenics and this company made lots of hair related products, even those to grow lashes but for people who want to try their topical solution first, this supplement actually has its daily care system as well. Similarly, while Viviscal is the most popular with its hair supplement this brand also has a wide variety of hair products to try if you want to get the full treatment including daily care and hair tools. Results seem to vary among users but the majority of them report a satisfying growth after a certain time.

Propidren and Viviscal Capsule and Tablet

Similar to most multivitamins or supplements, you will find Propidren and Viviscal in bottle and strip compartment respectively. This one package usually will last for a month depending on the dosage but side by side they are also different and for those who are not used to consuming pills or capsules may find the Propidren capsule a little difficult to swallow. It is white, just like regular capsules measured about a centimeter and in comparison Viviscal is about the size of mint candies.

One thing we aren’t very fond of with any supplement or oral medication is their smell but thankfully none of these supplements are coming with such unpleasant scent since they are pretty much scentless in case it bothers people. Depending on the seller, they are priced almost at the same level, yet at times you will find different offerings with some price gap; for now if you purchase directly from the site, Viviscal is actually $10 more expensive. Read also: Propidren Vs Rogaine.

Propidren and Viviscal Ingredients

The first thing you may want to pay attention to when looking for a supplement or any oral solution must be the ingredient for it suggests the benefits and here both of them are made with various ingredients to work best. Starting with Propidren this supplement prominently uses Iron, Biotin, Zinc, and several different herbs that are found to have effects on hair loss. Vivical on the other hand has its own proprietary formula called AminoMar and this is combined with Biotin, Vitamin C, as well as Iron.

Propidren and Viviscal Benefits

Iron is prominently found in hair supplements and this is because the mineral is required to produce hemoglobin which is needed to carry oxygen required for lots of purposes including hair growth so when you have more hemoglobin it can support the cell repair in the body and eventually will also benefit hair growth. As for Biotin, this is a vitamin B and as of now there is no clear explanation as to why exactly it benefits hair growth or is used in many beauty supplements.

The most promising theory is it is needed to convert food into energy, play a role in how genes get expressed, as well as cell signaling and maintain a normal nervous system which if combined may have an effect on hair, skin, and nails especially when the deficiency of this vitamin is found to cause hair loss. Another mineral called zinc is necessary for tissue growth and repair but also useful to keep the oil glands around the follicles to work properly.

Propidren also have Saw Palmetto, Nettle Extract, Horsetail Powder, and Green Tea extract. Saw Palmetto is often found in hair loss products especially those made with claim as DHT Blocker because there is a suggestion that this herb is able to block 5-alpha-reductase which plays a role in converting testosterone into DHT; the culprit of male/female pattern baldness. Nettle and Horsetail are rich in minerals to support better hair health. On the other hand Viviscal has this unique AminoMar blend and this often called as shark and mollusk blend.

The exact mechanism on how this blend is able to deliver benefit is still unclear for many of us or the general public but it is probably the same as why Omega-3 fatty acids and oily fish are a great source of nutrients that can deliver great results to your hair, skin, and nails.

Propidren and Viviscal Dosage

To make sure the supplement works, we also need to consume them routinely in which both Propidren and Viviscal are equally taken two tablets per day. They can be taken without meal as preferred by users but you will need a few months to see a significant result. Many people are starting to see a great coverage on the thinning area of their scalp but some people also mention that their hair is getting oilier after consuming the supplement.

Propidren vs Viviscal 

These supplements are made of various beneficial ingredients but they are also different in formulation. While Propidren is using herbs and minerals, Viviscal is sourcing its active ingredients from animals which makes it probably has a higher amino acid. Both formulations seem to work well on many people with the help of additional vitamins and minerals yet the result is never a guarantee.

- Scientific research on hair loss has shown that the number one factor in hair loss is the production of dihydrotestosterone or DHT
- Contains Saw palmetto and other powerful blockers that help prevent DHT production - Saw Palmetto is essential to blocking 5-alpha-reductase
- Also includes Biotin to help strengthen weak and brittle hair - Biotin is a B Vitamin that produces keratin, increases hair elasticity (minimizing breakage)
- A highly effective combination of other clinically proven ingredients including Horsetail, Nettle Extract, Fo-TI
- Many different Manufacturer versions of this product - There are different official versions produced by the manufacture which may come in White Box or - Red Box and may vary from the image shown in this listing. All of them are Authentic.
- Due to difference in mfg facilities, inner packaging can come in either a zig zag format or straight across blister packs.
- Due to difference in mfg facilities, processing technologies there are slight differences in the packaging like supplements letter, color and fonts.
- Due to difference in mfg facilities, the term “extra strength” may be present or absent on product box and inner packs.


It is hard to decide which supplement will work best since our body may react differently but between the two we do prefer Propidren because it is plant based and we are more comfortable with its ingredients especially with its high satisfaction rate.