Pureology vs Biolage

By | December 18, 2018

Having a dyed hair means we have to take a better care of them if we want to keep the color stay longer and keep the hair healthy. In the market there are almost unlimited colored hair aimed product with a set of benefit to offer such as Pureology vs Biolage. Both of them are designed or formulated to protect colored hair and make the color last. Go check our article below to see their benefit and which brand might be the better option.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– The Danger of Hair Dye
– What are Pureology and Biolage
– How to use Pureology and Biolage
– What Pureology and Biolage can offer to you
– Pureology vs Biolage

Hair Products for Colored Hair
Almost every meeting with friend and family we see people with colored hair and it is popularly done as a part of fashion and to express ourselves without the need to say anything. However, all of us understand that hair dying process include some chemicals in the practice and it is actually not good for our hair since it make them more prone to damage. To find the correct solution, we can ask a professional or look for those products made to deal with our issue.

Hair dye can risk the health of our hair because they are not just painting the surface but according to bustle it had to break through a couple of barriers to be able to stay permanently and in order to get here they have to break the cuticle which is our hair natural protection. To bleach before setting color, we have to use Peroxide which is very drying to make our hair able to receive the next color we intend to put.

Many people know the terrifying process but we still do it for various reasons and if you are looking a way to treat your dyed hair, a proper product will be needed. We can find numerous dyed hair specific products in the market but not all of them are suitable for everybody which is why we have to do trial and error because those good for other people doesn’t always mean they will perform the same to us as well.

About Pureology
Among those many names, we are sure most of us already heard Pureology because of the wide popularity and this brand’s products are often found in many stores near your place. They are not a budget items compared to regular hair care products but it can be a great choice if you are not very limited on budget because there are already many users proving the affectivity of their formulation. They have several products but our article today will focus on the well-known Serious Color Care Hydrate shampoo.

Pureology shampoo is the best selling product on their catalogue and this Hydrate variant is exclusively designed for people with colored hair so their hair will stay shiny and soft to touch. The formulation is said to be good to help people dealing with dry or frizzy hair without stripping the natural moisture in our hair. If you want to maximize the result, they also offer the conditioner in the same line for purchase.

Applying Pureology
Because Pureology is a regular shampoo, we don’t have to use them on a special direction and just follow the same process like when shampooing. First wet the hair and take a quarter-sized amount and lather then massage the hair along with scalp to properly remove any dirt and then rinse until clean. Follow with the conditioner for best result and rinse them when finish.

Pureology Benefit
What’s making Pureology works is the ingredients because they are sulfate-free which is beneficial to keep the natural oil or moisture in our hair while shampooing. It use a bunch of natural ingredients to help moisturizing the hair strands and one of them is hydrolyzed wheat protein. This ingredients contains amino acids and glutamine which are both moisturizing the hair and help them become refreshingly soft to touch. Another plus is the aromatherapy because this shampoo smells good with the combination of ylang ylang, bergamot and patchouli scents.

About Biolage
There are so many other options out there and before deciding on something, it is best to check the other as well so we will know which one is better or at least more promising than the other. If you need a product to help treating your colored hair, Biolage can be a good option with their Color Last line of product. The brand is also popular and among those often recommended for colored hair because they are designed to give more moisture.

Biolage have several products in their catalogue but our focus is only the Color Last shampoo as the core collection for the line. Just like many other similar shampoo, this one is also promising to keep the hair color from fading said to be inspired by nature’s fade-defying color orchid. The brand even promise to keep the color like when treat in salon for up to 9 weeks when used together with its conditioner.

Applying Biolage
Like any regular shampoo, there is no special process when applying Biolage shampoo. What we need to do is apply an amount to wet hair and lather them while massaging to help clean the oil and dirt then rinsing until clean and continued with conditioner if you prefer for best result. For other similar option, check our article on:Biotera vs Biolage here.

Biolage Benefit
What makes us worried about Biolage is the sulfate in its ingredients list which can be bad for people with colored hair because it can strip down the natural moisture. However, the sulfate is probably good for those with oily hair because non-sulfate shampoo require more works when it comes to cleaning oily hair. Like what the brand claim, they do put some Orchis Mascula Extract here to nourish, moisture and keep our hair healthy.

Now, let’s compare Pureology with Biolage. Both shampoo are made for people with colored hair but Biolage use sulfate which is avoided by many people not only those with colored hair because the ingredient can strip hair’s natural moisture and leaving it drier.

Pureology vs Biolage

- The bestselling, sulfate-free hydrating shampoo for normal to thick dry, color-treated hair intensely moisturizes hair
- Signature aromatherapy blend of ylang ylang, bergamot and patchouli scents
- Advanced Hydrating technology to revitalize dry hair, while AntiFade Complex provides the best hair color protection and defends hair against damaging free-radical activity and optimizes hair color retention and vibrancy. 100% vegan
- Let your true color shine
- Color treated hair can fade and lose its luster over time
- Low pH shampoo for color treated hair helps prolong color vibrancy

All in all, both brands seem to be a worth shampoo to try. However, if we are to choose, we will pick Pureology because they are sulfate free with many natural ingredients to keep your hair smooth and healthy.