Pureology Vs Redken

By | March 18, 2022

Hair will affect your appearance, and this is why it is crucial to maintain hair health. Pureology Vs Redken offers various collections for different hair concerns, including damaged hair. If your hair is dry and brittle due to the extensive use of styling tools or chemical treatments, let’s see what the optimal solutions from these famous hair care systems can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is Your Hair Concern
  • What are Pureology and Redken
  • How are the Solutions of Pureology and Redken
  • What are the Ingredients of Pureology and Redken
  • What are the Benefits of Pureology and Redken
  • How are the Results with Pureology and Redken
  • Pureology Vs Redken

Hair Concerns and Solutions

So many types of hair concerns, and there are so many solutions to choose from. Just like the skin, our hair is prone to problems like hair thinning, damaged hair, dry hair, itchy scalp, oily hair, etc. Each issue may have a different trigger or cause, and it is wise to choose the solution based on what is causing the concern. It will also need time and effort to find the perfect product that works best on our hair because our bodies can react differently.

One of the most common hair concerns is thinning hair, which you may realize while showering, combing, or on the pillow. There are many possible triggers for hair loss, such as stress and poor diet, especially in older people. Try stress relievers like meditation and consuming beneficial foods like bone broth rich in collagen to help all of your cells, including hair. Iron can support better hair health and is available in various vegetables and meat.

Another common hair issue is coarse hair. If you ever wake up with lion mane, which looks so dry and hard to style, this type of hair can be stressful to tame without the help of styling products. The issue can be high heat styling tools, overwashing, bleaching, and hair dyes. Some of the most natural fixes are using oil such as olive or almond oil. You can wear headcovers like a hat after bleaching to avoid sun damage. Rice water rinse is also beneficial because it contains inositol to heal damaged hair.

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About Pureology and Redken

Depending on what hair concern you are currently facing, the solution needs to follow. There are many good brands, from the staple names like L’oreal and Head & Shoulders to specific brands like Olaplex Vs Pureology. It is wise to shop based on your hair issue and which brand you trust. For example, some companies sell vegan and natural-inspired products if you also have the same concern. For most people, shopping based on focused care is best.

Pureology and Redken can be great brands to consider because they are well-known for offering good quality products with countless satisfied users. These companies focus on hair care systems in general, so you can find almost any solutions for varying hair concerns. For those battling damaged hair or often using styling products and chemical treatments, the Strength Cure and Acidid Bonding Concentrate will be two ideal options to try. These solutions focus on damage repairing.

They will be a perfect solution for people with weakened hair, dry and brittle hair from the extensive use of heat styling tools and chemical styling or coloring. They are suitable for all hair types, so they will be safe to use even if you have healthy hair. These Pureology and Redken solutions are more expensive than typical hair care systems, but they work well. We think they will improve your hair with a routine application while limiting some of the triggers.

The main difference between Pureology and Redken is their active ingredient, but the results are very similar. They are safe for color-treated hair and help maintain the shade longer. But, Pureology also offers Strength Cure Blond, a purple shampoo if you have blonde hair and need the shampoo to help reduce brassiness.

Pureology and Redken Solutions

The Strength Cure Blonde shampoo is a deep purple shampoo, but this regular variant has a pink or orange tone. It is almost like a smoothie color with a sweet and flowery fragrance. The fragrance is excellent, just like other Pureology products, and it is not offending or overly intense. The texture of its shampoo and conditioner is like most regular shampoo, with the conditioner being slightly thicker. They are easy to apply, and the shampoo is lathering well to cleanse your hair and scalp.

The Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate is acidic shampoo and has a creamy white color. The conditioner has the same milk-white color, but it is thicker or almost to a face moisturizer texture. It has a fresh scent of citrus fruit, which elevates the mood. This lineup consists of shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in treatment. The Pureology Strength Cure also has a leave-in treatment spray and a hair mask for intense repair. Price-wise they are about the same as Pureology, sometimes more expensive.

Pureology and Redken Ingredients 

Like when buying any topical or oral solutions, it is wise to consider what they are made of. Some essential ingredients will give you an idea of how they can work, or you may find some ingredients that may cause issues, especially if you have sensitive skin. The main ingredients of Pureology Strength Cure are Keravis and Astaxanthin. On the other hand, the star ingredients in this Redken’s system are citric acid, AHA, and bonding care complex.

Pureology and Redken Benefits

Many of these ingredients are very popular, so you will find them in similar solutions from other brands—for example, the Keravis, a vegetable protein in Pureology Strength Cure. Hair is made of the protein keratin, and Keravis may have a similar effect on your hair. This protein seems able to penetrate the hair deeply and restore it from the inside. It increases hair strength and thickness, making it ideal for damage repair. It replenishes and plumps the keratin gaps on our hair.

Astaxanthin is more popular as an oral supplementation for hair loss, suggesting that Strength Cure may be helpful for hair loss. This ingredient is an antioxidant to fight free radicals, but when in the body, it seems to reduce DHT production, which often causes hair thinning in both men and women. The topical application is not as thoroughly studied, so it may be helpful to protect the hair from damage from the environment.

The star ingredient in Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate is citric acid. This is a popular ingredient in skincare and hair care. This ingredient aims to bring the pH level down, making the solution acidic, which is beneficial to improve hair manageability. Our hair pH level is acidic, so using an acidic solution is a healthy method to maintain the appearance. It also seems to have a preservative purpose since it can prevent bacterial growth.

Redken also uses Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which is often called AHA. We are sure you have heard about this ingredient before because it is a very popular chemical exfoliant. It is in the form of glycolic acid like in the Ordinary brand or lactic acid. It has a very similar purpose on hair because AHA can strip hair from impurities without stripping natural moisture. It is great for aiding cleansing, moisturizing, and detangling the hair shaft.

Pureology and Redken Results

What’s impressive about these Pureology and Redken systems is that you can feel the difference from the first use. Note that extremely damaged and fragile hair will need a more extended application of a more potent product. But, they will work very well for regular hair damage, such as from occasional hair dyes and styling tools. We notice when using the shampoos that they lather well to wash the scalp. We have an oily scalp, and they seem to clean it without drying or making it itchy like some deep cleansing shampoos.

The immediate result is softer hair if you use at least both shampoo and conditioner. It feels softer to touch and not as brittle. If you use a hairdryer, we recommend adding the leave-in treatment to help protect the hair shaft from heat. We like the Pureology Miracle Filler because it is easy to apply and feel lighter on hair, but if you have dry and thick hair, the leave-in treatment from Redken will be more effective in sealing the moisture.

Pureology Vs Redken

Both Pureology and Redken are fantastic options for you who want to improve hair health. They have different formulations, but the effect on hair is very similar because they use hydrating and repairing ingredients. They are also safe for color-treated hair, but they are not purple shampoo. They smell nice, but for the leave-in treatment, Pureology has a lighter filler to protect heat damage, while the Redken leave-in treatment is cream, so it will weigh the hair a bit more, perfect for thicker hair.

- Thirst-quenching formula provides moisture, touchable softness.
- Fortifies and heals colored hair while adding softness and protecting color.
- Formulated with exclusive Asta Repair with Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, plus Keravis, Ceramide and Arginine; Sulfate free and vegan.
- Detangles and helps heal hair for the perfect balance of strength and softness with extraordinary color protection
- Helps repair strength, protect from color fade, and reduce breakage
- Reinforces weakened bonds to improve hair's strength and resiliency
- Acidic haircare helps protect salon color from fading
- Ideal for all types of damage and hair types


The decision is all yours based on which seems to match the hair. But, if you have thin or fine hair, Pureology whole system is more suitable. The Redken system appears to weigh hair more effectively and is ideal for thick hair users.