Regenepure NT vs DR

By | May 18, 2018

Regenepure has produced a variety of hair treatment products that are loved by many people because they are working and effective. In the following article, we will discuss the differences between two hair treatment shampoos, which are Regenepure NT vs DR. The company says that these shampoos offer great benefits. They can reduce hair loss and promote hair regrowth. In addition, they can also eliminate dandruff problems by nourishing the scalp and hair and thus improving the health and strength. But Regenepure NT and Regenepure DR shampoos have slightly different ingredients to give different results.

Color, Texture, and Smell
If this is the first time you use either of the two shampoos, don’t be surprised to find something that is different than your typical shampoo. The looks, feels, and scents of Regenepure NT and Regenepure DR are actually quite similar. They are more viscous than regular shampoos, and they have a clear, light blue color. They smell very nice. They are not overpowering at all; instead, they are rather mild and fresh. They don’t contain any synthetic fragrance, which is great. See also our previous post about hair treatment’s product here!

Unlike most shampoos, Regenepure NT and Regenepure DR do not foam strongly. This is because they don’t contain sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), which is also a good thing. The SLES substance, if combined with ethylene oxide, can create a carcinogenic compound. In addition, some studies find a correlation between SLES and the slowing of the hair regrowth cycle. So, for healthier hair regrowth, you should avoid SLES.

Ingredients and Effects
We have mentioned above that both Regenepure NT and Regenepure DR do not use SLES in order to help promote hair regrowth. They contain lecithin and saw palmetto extract, which has been medically recommended to treat pattern baldness. They both also have emu oil to nourish and thicken the scalp, thereby reinforcing the strength of the hair and preventing dandruff or flakiness.

According to the manufacturer, Regenepure NT is a “nourishing treatment”. This is a shampoo that has been designed to moisturize and strengthen the scalp and hair. However, Regenepure DR is a “doctor recommended” version, and it actually comes with pretty much the same ingredients.

The difference that sets Regenepure DR apart is the 2% ketoconazole ingredient, which Regenepure NT doesn’t have. Regenepure DR contains ketoconazole with the highest strength allowed for over-the-counter products. Ketoconazole is an anti-fungal agent that is effective for treating dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Ketoconazole is also an effective hair regrowth stimulant. Regenepure DR has received a lot of positive reviews for the hair regrowth results.

Regenepure DR is a little bit more expensive than Regenepure NT. However, the price difference is marginal. It is only a few dollars.

Regenepure NT vs DR

- Designed to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles while keeping the hair healthy
- Best shampoo for hair thinning in men and women
- Makes hair stronger, thicker and increases hair volume
- Free of harmful chemicals paraben and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SLS)
- Safe for colored and keratin treated hair
- Can be used in a variety of combinations to cater to everyone’s individual hair types

If you need extra power for hair regrowth or stopping dandruff, you should choose Regenepure DR. It has received quite a lot of positive reviews to showcase the effectiveness and performance. However, for regular hair treatment to prevent hair problems, Regenepure NT is sufficient. The two shampoos are quite similar, except for the ketoconazole content in Regenepure DR.