Robocut vs Flowbee Haircutter

By | July 3, 2018

For many of us getting a haircut is probably not a favorite activity to do. The process won’t take much time but it is still a hassle to do moreover if you are not fond of barber shop or similar establishment. In today Robocut vs Flowbee HairCutter, we are going to talk about these two unique tools that can be used to help you do your own hair in home easily. These tools are supposed to be helpful and if you want to know more about them, go check our article below to know more about them.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What are Robocut and Flowbee Hair Cutter
– What Robocut and Flowbee Haircutter Look Like
– What Robocut and Flowbee Haircutter can offer to you
– Robocut vs Flowbee Haircutter

About Robocut
For those who are not used to these kind of cutting tool, Robocut name may sound kind of unfamiliar for you. This product is a hair cutting system that is connected with a vacuum cleaner to help you get rid of the hair right after it was cut. This system may sound weird but these kind of tools in fact has been around for quite some time now. The main intention of this hair cutting system is to reduce the mess when we cut our hair in home.

Robocut Design
From the outside Robocut doesn’t look like any traditional hair cutter. Its appearance is more similar to those hose caps that you use to water your garden. This hair cutting system has its hose and cap with cutting blades intact. Coming with the unit, you will get free HairLine, which is used to cut your shorter hair mostly in upper neck area in precise shape, so it will be neater and mess free. You will also get 2 years warranty to make sure it will still works for years to come.

Robocut Features
For those who is not familiar yet with how the Robocut works, you have to connect it to your vacuum to make it works properly, because it doesn’t come with its own vacuum cleaner. What you need to do is connect it to your vacuum cleaner and turn the vacuum as well as the cutter to begin cutting. Unlike the traditional method where you will be handling messy hair remains after you finish cutting, with this system, the hair will be immediately suck to your vacuum after they were cut. Read also: Neutrogena T/SAL VS T/GEL here.

What is even better with this system is it’s not limited for man and women only. You may also use this hair cutter to trim your pet fur with its pet adapter. The cutting process is done by laser blades with amazing precision and safety. The company claimed it is very safe and cannot nick even loose skin, so you don’t have to worry it will accidentally hurt you because the company. It also able to give shorter cut at 1/10 inch.

Beside the hose adapter, you will also get two extenders to reach up to 6 inches hair length and buzz adapter for extra short human hair, so you can suit the cutter with your hair or the cut you want. The angled adapter also great for tapering and layering while the haircutting guide and instruction sheet will help you to achieve the cut you want.

About Flowbee Haircutter
Flowbee Haircutter is also a vacuum haircutter system. This tool is a good choice to help you do your own hair cutting at home without going to a professional to do it. Besides not needing to step out from your house, you will also save more money from going to those establishment. This tool is very easy to use and will only need a few minutes into the guide before you can start cutting your own hair. It is also versatile and can be used by men/women children and to groom your pet.

Flowbee Haircutter Design
Just like any vacuum hair cutter system, Flowbee Haircutter is the extension for you vacuum that has the cutting blades in the opposite side. The unit came with the hose and cap where the cutting blades attached and used to cut your hair. Coming with the unit, you will also get 10-piece Hair Spacer Kit, plastic hose adapter and the rubber adapter just in case there is a fitting problem when you connect the hose to your vacuum.

Flowbee Haircutter Features
The way to use your Flowbee Haircutter is similar like other vacuum hair cutting system. To make it work you have to connect it with your vacuum cleaner with the hose adaptor and don’t forget to oil the blade before you use the tool. It is recommended to use the oil from Flowbee for better performance and keep the blades working properly. The blades work precisely to cut your hair according to your preference and you can use it for your entire family member.

Using Flowbee Haircutter is very easy and won’t take much time before you are getting the hang of it. It can cut as short as 1.2 inch and as long as 6 inch depend on the spacer you choose, you may also able to do short layered, wedge, tapered as well as single length cuts. Using the vacuum, you don’t have to deal with messy hair remains after cutting because they will be sucked by your vacuum.

What you need to keep in mind when using either Robocut or Flowbee Haircutter on pet is their furs should have been taken care of first. It means you have to shampoo and brushed all mats before using these tools to avoid stuck and hurt your pet.

Now, let’s compare Robocut with Flowbee Haircutter. Both of them work as great and use the same system. What separates them clearly is probably the hose design and color. Robocut hose is circular in blue color while Flowbee is rectangle in yellow color. Robocut is said to be able to work in any house vacuum cleaner while at the other hand Flowbee will needs a 4HP vacuum or stronger.

Robocut vs Flowbee Haircutter

- Easy, precise haircuts everytime (Vacuum is sold separately)
- Free HairLine included
- You break we replace 2year warranty
- Laser Blades - operates on 110 volts or 220 volts and it comes with USA outlet prongs
- Free Buzz adapter
- Quickly attaches to Most Vacuums with Ease
- Save Hundreds of Dollars in Haircuts
- A Perfect Cut Every Time. Great for The Entire Family
- This Product has Manufacturer's warranty. So please contact Manufacturer if any issue.
- Spacer color may vary

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them should work similarly since they use the same method or technology. However when taking the price into consideration and the need of stronger vacuum, we will highly recommend you Robocut.