Rusk Super Freak vs Speed Freak

By | May 18, 2018

Rusk is now a well-known name in the professional hair care and styling industry. The company is known for its high-quality products, ranging from brushes and shears to hair dryers. Rusk’s hair dryers have been used in many salons as well as houses. Two of the most well-known models are Rusk Super Freak and Rusk Speed Freak. If you are looking for a powerful hair dryer, these two are your best choices. However, the two may seem very similar to each other. So, what is actually the difference between Rusk Super Freak and Rusk Speed Freak? Which model would give you the most value for the money? Below, we’ll find out by comparing the features of the two powerful hair dryers. Continue reading now!

If you put the two hair dryers side by side, you can notice that, even though the overall designs are quite similar, there are some distinctions. The most prominent is perhaps the controls. Rusk Speed Freak comes with dial controls. Such control mechanism is often criticized by the users because the dials are not properly positioned, causing accidental presses every now and then. In addition, Rusk Speed Freak is noticeably bigger and heavier, making it somewhat less convenient to handle for a long time. See also our previous post Rusk’s product here!

Rusk Super Freak, on the other hand, features sliding switches. The sliding switches are positioned better so that they are less likely to be altered accidentally. In addition, Rusk Super Freak is quite smaller and lighter, making it more practical and convenient to use.

Each of the two models actually has 2000W power. So, in terms of heating and drying power, the two are similar. They are able to dry even the thickest hair very quickly. Their outstanding drying power is the primary reason why they are very popular on the market. In addition, they each provide three heat settings and two fan speeds, allowing you to have some flexibility to adapt to varying types of hair. However, the power cord of Rusk Super Freak is slightly longer than that of Rusk Speed Freak. Finally, Rusk Super Freak includes two concentrators of different sizes, which as 65mm and 70mm. Rusk Speed Freak only gives one concentrator. With two concentrators, you will be able to adapt better to different hair conditions.

Rusk Super Freak vs Speed Freak

- Reduce drying time with the ceramic
- Reduce drying time with the tourmaline emit far-infrared heat waves
- Designed for heavy-duty use by salon professionals
- Perfectly balanced for maximum comfort
- Rusk Speed Freak dryer utilizes a 2000 watt AC motor for ultimate power
- Ceramic heaters provide multiple settings

Rusk Super Freak is better due to the improved design and the additional concentrator. If you think that these features can benefit you, then Rusk Super Freak is a good value for the money. However, if you think that you can get used to Rusk Speed Freak’s design and you don’t need the additional concentrator, then Rusk Speed Freak is a more efficient answer.