SugarBearHair vs Viviscal

By | May 18, 2018

Getting enough nutrition is a vital part of hair health and combatting hair loss. Many people are not aware that poor nutrition can be a major cause of hair loss, and they only start to notice this when they get recommendations to take good hair supplements. Fortunately, there are now a wide variety of hair supplements on the market – but this may present a challenge of its own. Which one is the right supplement for you? In the following article, we will discuss about two popular hair supplements, SugarBearHair vs Viviscal. Continue reading!

About SugarBearHair
SugarBearHair has been a very popular hair supplement primarily because of its unique form. If you always hate large pills or capsules that are difficult to swallow, SugarBearHair is the solution that you’ve been looking for. Unlike most other supplements, it doesn’t come in capsules. Instead, it comes in cute chewable gummies that are shaped like bears. See also: SugarBearHair vs HairBurst.

Well, chewing a ‘bear’ may sound a little scary. But, to be fair, there are many candies and supplements that are shaped like animals, and people are fine with them. Besides, SugarBearHair does taste great! This is a supplement that you can actually enjoy taking. Note that SugarBearHair is vegetarian. The shape may look like an animal, but it does not contain any animal ingredient.

With SugarBearHair, you are supposed to take one serving daily. Each serving takes two gummies. Each serving provides about 5000 mcg of biotin, 40 mcg of choline, and 40 mcg of inositol. In addition, the formula also contains vitamins A, C, D, E, B6, B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid, iodine, and zinc. These active vitamins and minerals are aimed to support hair health and hair growth.

Pros of SugarBearHair
There are some distinct advantages of SugarBearHair vs Viviscal. First and foremost, SugarBearHair is definitely a great supplement for people with difficulty swallowing. If you are unable to swallow a whole capsule (let alone two!), you can take SugarBearHair in order to combat hair loss. The chewable gummies are much easier and more convenient to take.

The taste is great. Don’t expect to chew something with a terrible taste just because SugarBearHair is a dietary supplement. It has been formulated to be pleasantly palatable. You may even get tempted to take more than just two gummies due to the nice taste, so please have some control.

Last but not least, SugarBearHair is packed with excellent vitamins and minerals. The 5000 mcg biotin content is a serious amount. In addition, it also comes with choline and inositol, which are both beneficial for promoting hair growth. It is further supported by beneficial vitamins and minerals. Many users have been satisfied by SugarBearHair’s effectiveness in improving hair health and increasing hair growth.

Cons of SugarBearHair
Nothing is perfect in this world. There are also some disadvantages of SugarBearHair vs Viviscal that you may need to consider. First of all, SugarBearHair is not a good choice for diabetic people and those who need to reduce their sugar intake. In order to make palatable gummies, SugarBearHair needs to add some sugars, such as glucose syrup and pectin. If you really want to choose SugarBearHair, make sure that you control your sugar intake from other foods and drinks.

Of course, SugarBearHair may not work on some people. It may also cause some side effects, such as stomach problems and acne breakouts. This is because of the very high biotin content. Some people may need to adjust to the sudden increase of biotin intake.

About Viviscal
The Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets are quite a well-known supplement in the market. After all, the Viviscal brand does have great recognition. It is a dietary supplement designed to promote hair health and hair growth by nourishing the hair with vitamins and other nutrients. It is scientifically formulated to deliver the best efficacy and results.

Viviscal comes with a unique formula. It has a mixture of biotin, iron, zinc, vitamin C, calcium, and Aminomar. What is Aminomar? Aminomar is a proprietary marine blend from the manufacturer which contains shark and mollusk powder. This proprietary blend is said to be effective for promoting hair growth.

Pros of Viviscal
According to many user reviews, Viviscal is effective for reducing hair loss and increasing hair growth. It is also able to make the hair shinier and more manageable. These are definitely great benefits for people who are concerned about their hair health.

The next advantage of Viviscal is that it is easy on the stomach. It does have a good amount of biotin, but it doesn’t go extremely high to cause stomach upsets. So, if you often experience stomach problems on other hair supplements, you may want to change to Viviscal.

Cons of Viviscal
When choosing between SugarBearHair vs Viviscal, keep in mind that Viviscal is not vegetarian! It contains shark and mollusk powder, along with some other animal ingredients, in the Aminomar blend. So, if you are vegetarian and you want to stay that way, Viviscal is not for you.

Next, Viviscal comes in the form of pills. They may be a little difficult to swallow due to the size. This is something to consider, especially if you have difficulty swallowing.

Finally, there is this price tag. The Viviscal supplement is quite expensive. We don’t know for sure the reason behind the premium price tag. The proprietary blend and the recognized brand may be some of the factors.

SugarBearHair vs Viviscal

- Easy to eat vitamins without the struggle of swallowing pills
- Improve overall health & increase hair strength
- Nourish your hair from within with our cruelty free gummy bear hair vitamins
- 100% Drug Free Dietary Supplement
- Backed by 5 Clinical Trials
- No.1 Selling Hair Growth Supplement Worldwide

In general, SugarBearHair is more recommended. It is available at a more affordable price, and it comes with a great formula of nutrition. It has high levels of biotin, choline, and inositol. And it comes in nice chewable gummies! However, if you prefer to avoid sugars or if you often get issues from high biotin levels, Viviscal should be your choice. But note that Viviscal is not for vegetarian people due to the Aminomar blend.