SugarBearHair vs HairBurst

By | May 18, 2018

Vitamins are very important if you want to improve the health if your hair. You need to take sufficient amounts if vitamins and nutrients in order to make your hair thicker, stronger, and shinier. Insufficient nutrition may lead to hair breakage and even hair loss. Fortunately, there are now various supplements that are specially designed to promote hair health. Two of the most popular products right now are SugarBearHair and HairBurst. In the article below, we will see the comparisons between SugarBearHair vs HairBurst to help you choose the right supplement.

About SugarBearHair
SugarBearHair is a hair supplement specially designed for people who have difficulty swallowing pills. Some of you may be unable to swallow large pills, even if you take them with lots of water. For some people, swallowing pills is just an almost impossible task. For some other people, it is just a big inconvenience.

But being healthy does not need to be inconvenient. This is why SugarBearHair may be a great solution for you. Unlike other hair supplements, SugarBearHair comes in the form of chewable gummies. Each gum is shaped like a bear. It looks cute and interesting. You don’t need to swallow it whole; instead, just chew it in your mouth until you can swallow it easily.

It is recommended that you take two gummies of the SugarBearHair supplement daily. Each serving provides a variety of vitamins and minerals that can support hair health and hair growth, including biotin, choline, and inositol.

Pros of SugarBearHair
The first obvious advantage of SugarBearHair vs HairBurst is that it comes in the form of chewable gummies. This is a big benefit for people who have difficulty swallowing large pills or capsules. It is a lot easier and more convenient to take. Don’t worry about the taste; it is truly palatable. You will really enjoy the sweet taste. In fact, some people are almost tempted to take more than two gummies in a day due to the nice taste!

The second advantage of SugarBearHair is that it is packed with great nutrition. Each serving provides 5000 mcg biotin, which is quite impressive. In addition, it also provides vitamins A, C, D, E, B-6, and B-12, along with choline, inositol, pantothenic acid, folic acid, iodine, and zinc. These nutrients will nourish the hair follicles so that you can grow stronger, healthier hair. Biotin, choline, and inositol are especially beneficial for the formation of keratin, which is the building block of hair.

Third, SugarBearHair is glowing with positive reviews. It is one of the best-selling hair supplements on the market. Many users are satisfied with the results. It is able to improve their hair healthy and promote hair growth. It has been endorsed by many people and some celebrities, too.

Cons of SugarBearHair
There are also some disadvantages of SugarBearHair vs HairBurst. First of all, making it nicely palatable also comes with another issue. It contains sugars and glucose syrup. The high sugar content makes it dangerous for diabetic people. If you choose this supplement, make sure that you control your daily sugar intake. Try to reduce your sugar intake from other foods and drinks, because excessive sugar intake is unhealthy at all.

Furthermore, SugarBearHair also comes with some fillers, binders, and chemical additives. It needs these ingredients in order to create the chewable texture. It uses sodium citrate, carnauba wax, titanium dioxide, and the coloring agent blue color #1. The titanium dioxide filler is especially not good because it may cause negative effects on the immune system in high doses. Try to keep your intake of such chemicals at low levels.

About HairBurst
On the other hand, HairBurst is more of your typical hair supplement. It comes in the form of capsules, which you should take twice daily. This supplement is designed to nourish your hair from within, while at the same time improving your overall health. It is said to be beneficial for growing longer, stronger hair and also for improving hair elasticity. See also comparisons between HairBurst vs Hairvinity.

According to the user reviews, HairBurst is able to deliver significant results within a month. It is able to make the hair longer, thicker, and stronger. It also improves the look by adding more shine. The users say that they notice reduced hair breakage and hair loss during washing and brushing. It makes the hair more manageable, too.

Pros of HairBurst
When choosing between SugarBearHair vs HairBurst, there are some advantages of HairBurst that you may want to consider. First of all, it does not contain any sugar. Since the whole formula is contained in a capsule, there is no need to add a sweetener or flavoring agent. The sugar-free property is important for diabetic people. If you want to avoid unnecessary sugar intake, this supplement is a more suitable choice.

The next advantage of HairBurst is that it is packed with lots of nutrients. Each serving contains vitamins A, C, D3, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12, along with folic acid, pantothenic acid, MSM, biotin, collagen, silica, BCAAs, and several amino acids and minerals. HairBurst can give you a wider range of benefits not only for hair but also overall health.

Cons of HairBurst
Still, there are some disadvantages of HairBurst. The first disadvantage that is quite obvious is that it comes in capsules. It may be a little inconvenient to take, especially for people who have difficulty swallowing. Breaking the capsule is not recommended because such action will reduce the efficacy of the supplement; besides, the content may have a terrible taste.

The second disadvantage of HairBurst relative to SugarBearHair is that it has a lower amount of biotin. Each serving only has 250 mcg of biotin. This is a much lower amount compared to that of SugarBearHair. Well, it is still quite potent, but it won’t be as powerful as SugarBearHair for promoting hair growth.

SugarBearHair vs HairBurst

- Improve overall health & increase hair strength
- This vegetarian formula is based off of clinical trials that have shown these ingredients to help improve hair health
- Nourish your hair from within with our cruelty free gummy bear hair vitamins
- Growing longer and stronger hair and nourishing your hair from within
- Improving overall health and improving hair elasticity
- Increasing hair strength

If you are dealing with hair breakage or mild hair thinning, HairBurst is a good choice. It can help to improve your hair health and strength. It is also a good daily supplement that can support not only the hair but also the overall health. On the other hand, SugarBearHair is better for treating hair loss due to the much higher biotin content. You may choose SugarBearHair if you can’t swallow capsules, as SugarBearHair comes in the form of cute chewable gummies.