Viviscal vs Biotin

By | September 11, 2019

Both men and women are fond of thicker hair and everyone will put an effort to make sure their hair is dense and healthy. However, it is unfortunate that many of us have to experience hair thinning but worry not because we have supplements like Viviscal Vs Biotin. Both of them are beneficial to support hair growth and proven to work by many so choose one of them to help your hair grow faster and thicker then we can style it freely.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you have a Hair Loss Issue
– How to Cure Hair Loss
– What are Viviscal and Biotin Supplement
– What Viviscal and Biotin Supplement Look like
– What Viviscal and Biotin Supplement are made of
– What Viviscal and Biotin Supplement can offer
– How to Consume Viviscal and Biotin Supplement
– Viviscal Vs Biotin Supplement

Hair Loss Causes
Many of us have been struggling to get clear skin, to lose excessive weight or to improve the overall fitness level and experiencing hair loss as well is not going to make the emotional condition improved. Everybody wants to look attractive and each one of us may have different standard or perception of what we think of as beautiful or looks good both for female and male. Unfortunately, hair loss is one of the most common issues we have to deal with as we grow more mature.

Finding hair in the comb or brush is normal because our hair does shed and will be replaced with the new one after so this is a natural cycle. However, things will be different if the usual amount is suddenly increasing and we start to see hair strands scattered around the house or clogging the water disposal strainer. The common culprit of hair loss in women is hormonal changes especially after childbirth and reaching menopause while men usually have genetic male pattern baldness.

Another most common hormone-related causes of hair loss is thyroid issues because both too much and too little thyroid will cause hair loss in most cases so treating the source often reverse the hair loss as well. If it is getting hectic at work or if you are currently experiencing a hard life events, hair loss may also happens because of the stress trigger and taken from Healthline, though psychological stress is less well-defined, many people have reported to lose hair at times of extreme mental stress or anxiety as well.

Hair Loss Solution
The best way to know which is the cause of your hair loss is going to see a professional like a dermatologist so then we can be sure about how to address the issue. If this is not an option, we can start to use products to handle hair loss like daily care shampoo and conditioner or even scalp treatment that may help with the problem, especially if it is related to the environment where the hair is growing or scalp.

Another popular solution for hair loss is by consuming certain medication like finasteride but this specific drug is said to be not safe for women for it will affect their fetus. For a safer solution that we can get almost anywhere, hair supplement or vitamin is a great source of help for so many people who have experienced the benefit of their formulation. Like any other supplement however, its benefits and effects are not something we can be very certain of without actually consuming them for a period of time.

About Viviscal
If you are also starting to worry about the longevity of your hair, now is a good time to start looking for the perfect supplement so we can prevent them from getting worse. Hair supplement and hair vitamin are available from various different brands from those we already often heard of to new companies starting to introduce their products to wider customers. Among those options, Viviscal is probably one of the most popular and well known here in the United States.

This hair supplement is highly rated and sometimes can be hard to find due to the high demand but, what you may want to keep in mind is supplement will not works like magic and instantly fix the issue because at least we have to consume them for few months. The promises of this supplement is to promote existing hair growth and help people with naturally thin hair to achieve a thicker mane thanks to the selected fine ingredients in the products.

Viviscal Tablet
The sample we used in this article is the supplement made for female users in a white and pink box but there is the male version as well of this supplement. For finest results, you may want to try the full hair care regime by Vivisal for they do offer the daily care products like shampoo, conditioner, and scalp elixir too. One box of the supplement have 60 tablets with one strip at 30 tablets measuring about the same size as skittles candy.

Viviscal Ingredients and Benefit
Just like when looking for any supplement, it is necessary to know what Viviscal claimed is based off and the star ingredient in this product is called AminoMar C which is trademarked by the company. It is definitely not vegan because it is a blend of shark and mollusk powder, an organic form of silica, acerola cherry derived vitamin C, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, hypromellose, and glycerol. These mix is proven to be working hand in hand with another ingredients in Viviscal like Biotin and Iron.

The study published by The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology found that the supplement is working in women because the target scalp area is found to be increased in the mean number or terminal hairs after 3 months consuming the tablets compared to those with placebo-treated subjects which remain unchanged throughout the study. This study also agree with the older results that proteins and glycisaminocans of marine origin was working in men with androgenetic alopecia and treatment of sun-damaged skin in women.

Viviscal Dosage
To get the best results with this supplement, we also have to take them routinely and a box of 60 tablets will be sufficient for a month. The tablet doesn’t have fish smell at all and we can take it with food or not as well but many people do drink them with plenty of water due to the size. It is recommended to be taken daily, twice a day at one tablet and the common result usually shown after around 3 months of usage.

About Biotin Supplement
Because we have so many good supplements out there ranging from those made to help you lose weight to also grow hair and while it can be overwhelming at first, it is still better to check the basic of their claim so we can be more at ease and sure on their efficacy. Viviscal is a reliable supplement made from high quality ingredients and we also found Biotin in its ingredients list which has been long known as Vitamin H for hair, skin, and nails.

This vitamin is offered by various supplements in the market, in fact not only for hair supplement as well. If you are specifically interested only at this vitamin, a trusted brand Natrol also have the supplement for your hair. This favorite product is promising the user to restore hair health, give radiance from your skin, and adding strength to the nails with the help of its maximum strength 10000mcg biotin. Read also: Boldify Vs Febron here.

Biotin Tablet
This supplement is packed like any other similar hair vitamin and since it is single based, there is no complicated ingredients here to explain but we will get there later. The tablet of Biotin supplement from Natrol is round and very similar to those we found in Viviscal with similar size as well. This 10000mcg version have no taste but if you want, there is the variant with strawberry flavoring as well for those with issues when swallowing whole tablet or pill.

Biotin Supplement Ingredient and Benefit
Biotin is the kind of vitamin we see on beauty products or supplement and this is actually among the member of the B vitamins, water soluble, and often also called as vitamin H. It is offered in the form of supplements because our body needs it to help converting certain nutrients into energy as well as playing an important role in the health or hair, skin, and nails. The deficiency in this vitamin is very rare but if it is the case, hair loss is one of the side effects.

In short, if your body is not lacking of this vitamin then getting more may not improve the hair health but, there is a possible reason why people are still taking them and it is because biotin improves the keratin’s infrastructure in which we all know that hair, skin, and nails are made up of keratin. However, the amount of research to prove and get a clearer image of how it works are still sparse to this day.

Biotin Dosage
Since Biotin deficiency is very rare, there is no daily recommended intake for this vitamin and according to a source a person older than 10 years old should get between 30 and 100 mcg per day while pregnant and breastfeeding women may need more. As for Biotin supplement from Natrol, the suggestion recommend user to take one tablet per day with or without water. In addition, this product is also friendly with vegetarian and vegan since it doesn’t contain animal ingredients.

Having to experience hair loss or live with thin hair might be stressful but we do have various solutions out there to address the issue. Viviscal as supplement is sure richer in ingredients and they work hand in hand to improve hair health while Biotin rarely researched just by itself to deliver the same benefit. In comparison, the amount of Biotin is higher in supplement like Natrol in which Viviscal only have 120mcg, the later have up to 1000mcg.

Viviscal vs Biotin

- This product is made using a clinically proven formula that helps maintain the ideal environment for healthy hair growth.
- The range works hard to make hair look gorgeous from the inside and outside.
- Promote the appearance of healthy-looking hair growth.
- Supplements are a drug-free alternative to prescription treatments.
- VITAL FOR HEALTHY CELLS – Vitamin B-12 is an essential element for the production of healthy nerve and blood cells. Healthy blood cells help to remove carbon dioxide and other toxins from your body.
- Contributes to the overall health of the nervous system
- PROMOTES ENERGY – The active ingredients in Natrol Vitamin B-12 supply high-potency B-12 throughout the body’s energy pathways to support energy production.
- SUPPORTS A HEALTHY NERVOUS SYSTEM – Fast Dissolving 5000mcg B-12 tablets in Natrol B-12 delivers support for healthy blood cells and contributes to the overall health of the nervous system.

When it comes to supplements, we never exactly know which will work if not trying them ourselves since our bodies may react differently as well but we do prefer Viviscal because it doesn’t only contain biotin but marine protein as well which proven to work against hair thinning issue.