Wahl 5 Star Detailer Review: For Crisp Lines & Close Trimming

By | May 15, 2018

Without doubt, Wahl 5 Star Detailer is the most popular professional detailer from the company. It is the tool choice of many barbers as well as home users. The stylish yet durable body is combined with a T-wide blade and a powerful rotary motor. It offers faster performance and extremely close trim, allowing you to create crisp and clean lines. It is also a great choice for detailing and tattooing. However, note that the blades may irritate the skin if used without care, so be careful with it.

Stylish Chrome Finish
If you have ever met other Wahl’s 5 Star products, you are probably familiar with the color scheme. Wahl 5 Star Detailer sports a burgundy body that features a chrome finish and some white parts. Well, although the housing material is actually plastic, the chrome finish adds some degrees of additional strength and sturdiness. It measures 6 inches long, and it weighs approximately 6.9 oz.

As far as you are concerned, Wahl 5 Star Detailer has successfully combined performance and elegance. There are other powerful trimmers on the market, but most of them do not look attractive or professional at all. Wahl 5 Star Detailer looks neat and sleek with the glossy chrome finish. It feels great to hold, and it is quite lightweight not to tire your hand.

Power and Accessories
Wahl 5 Star Detailer is available in two versions, which are corded and cordless. The corded version runs on 110/120V outlets, whereas the cordless version operates using a rechargeable battery which can last for about an hour per charge.

Included in the box are three trimmer guides (1/4”, 1/8”, and 1/16”), a red blade guard, a cleaning brush, and the lubrication oil. The included trimmer guides are very useful because your will not find many other options on the market. Wahl 5 Star Detailer is equipped with a T-wide blade, so it requires special trimmer guides.

Excellent and Consistent Performance
Wahl 5 Star Detailer is powered by a powerful rotary motor. It is very fast. It has enough cutting strokes for fast and crisp trims as well as detailed works. Unlike electromagnetic trimmers, the rotary motor can manage to stay cool and quiet even when used continuously in a busy day.

Thanks to the slim design and lightweight body, Wahl 5 Star Detailer can be very flexible and versatile. You can easily zero-gap the trimmer to create an extremely sharp and close cut. In general, Wahl 5 Star Detailer is easier to zero-gap than other trimmers on the market. However, be careful with the blades. They may irritate the skin if they get too close. Don’t press it too much onto the skin to avoid the problem.

- Professional percision - Excellent efficience - Accessories included - Product specifications

To conclude this Wahl 5 Star Detailer review, here are the key points. Wahl 5 Star Detailer is a top-notch hair trimmer that is powered by a rotary motor for consistent coolness and performance. It features the T-wide blade that you can use to make extremely sharp and close trims. It also sports a truly stylish and elegant look. However, the blades are very sharp, so avoid pressing it too much onto the skin to prevent irritation.

Specifications of Wahl 5 Star Detailer
MOTOR: Rotary
WEIGHT: 6.9 oz
BLADE: 2215 Adjustable T-Wide Blade
CORD: 8-ft professional-grade, chemical-resistant
ACCESSORIES: 3 T-blade guards, cleaning brush, oil, instructions, red blade guard
OPERATION: 120V – 60Hz

Pros of Wahl 5 Star Detailer
– Adjustable T-wide blade for extremely sharp and close trims
– Powerful rotary motor
– Stays cool
– Quiet

Cons of Wahl 5 Star Detailer
May cause skin irritation if the blades get too close to the skin

Price of Wahl 5 Star Detailer
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