Wahl Color Pro vs Super Taper

By | May 15, 2018

Are you confused in choosing between these two hair clippers? No problem! When it comes to a quality hair clipper, Wahl’s products always make the top-tier choices. Wahl’s products are considered as high-quality pieces that people don’t need to question anymore. However, there are many different Wahl models available. Hence, choosing the right model for your equipment can be confusing. Below, you can read about the comparisons between Wahl Color Pro and Wahl Super Taper hair clippers. By reading the comparisons of Wahl Color Pro vs Super Taper, you will be able to choose the right model that suits your needs best.

About Wahl Color Pro
Today, Wahl Color Pro is considered as one of the best hair clippers on the market. It offers a great value for the money. Why? First of all, the most prominent feature of this model is that it is equipped with color-coded guide combs and keys, which allow you to easily remember people’s favorite hair lengths and adjust the right settings correspondingly. The multiple guide combs and keys are very handy and practical when you have to serve different people who have different preferences.

The next great feature of Wahl Color Pro is the self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades. The sophisticated blades can stay sharp for a very long time without requiring you to manually sharpen. They are also reasonably rugged and durable, able to withstand moisture and stay stain-free. The performance is excellent.

Unfortunately, the look and appearance of the device are not exactly professional. For sure, the soft touch grip is very comfortable, so your hand will not get tired easily when holding the device. But the colorful design makes it look rather toyish.

About Wahl Super Taper
On the other hand, Wahl Super Taper has become the company’s best-selling professional hair clipper. This is not a coincidence. Wahl Super Taper has indeed been made with top-quality materials and features. Well, although it does not have the color-coded guide combs and keys like Wahl Color Pro, Wahl Super Taper looks much more professional. It has a convenient thumb lever for adjusting the taper and texture. In other words, you can adjust the settings without changing the blades.

Wahl Super Taper is equipped with the powerful and durable V5000 motor. This clipper motor can last for a very long time despite providing an excellent drive of 6000 spm. The speed is faster than any standard electromagnetic clipper, so this model is a great choice for dry cuts and wet cuts of any variable taper and texture. The blades are chrome-plated for durability. The blades are resistant to stains and rust. The performance is excellent. It cuts with high precision to give the user the confidence needed for the job.

Wahl Color Pro vs Super Taper

- Color coded guide combs make it easy to remember everyone's favorite hair length
- Color coded keys make it easy to correspond the correct comb
- Self Sharpening
- From Wahl Professional’s commercial grade line of products
- Stylish and functional
- Accessories included

Between Wahl Color Pro vs Super Taper, the professional Wahl Super Taper hair clipper is more recommended. It is a higher quality device that is more powerful and versatile. The professional look will make it a great addition to any barber kit. However, for simple home usage, Wahl Color Pro is sufficient, and the color-coded combs and keys can be more useful for different family members.