Zenagen vs Nioxin

By | December 19, 2018

Hair problem is very common and while we can handle them with the proper product for each issue, sometimes they are not working as good as for other people. One of the most common hair problem is hair fall or thinning but there are also so many treatment for this issue available such as Zenagen vs Nioxin. Both of them can be used to help treating thin hair and promote strong hair, so check what they can offer below before committing to one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for hair thinning solution
– What are Zenagen and Nioxin
– How to apply Zenagen and Nioxin
– What Zenagen and Nioxin can offer to you
– Zenagen vs Nioxin

Hair Product for Thinning Hair
For many people hair is an important part of their body and will affect their confidence if look bad which is why we can find so many hair products made to deal with each hair problems in the market. A healthy, thick and shiny hair will not only boost one’s confidence but also enhance our look and this is why many of us still struggling to find the matching products today since not all brands and treatment are suitable for all people though the problem may be similar.

Among those common problems, hair thinning is happening to so many people and sometime we don’t even know exactly what trigger the condition if it happen only recently. Some of us spend much on salon treatments while some seeks for doctor’s help on discovering what the trigger of our condition. Not only hair product, we also can drink several supplement or even medication to stop the shedding or to help grow more hair in many cases depend on our condition.

About Zenagen
Since it is a common problem, we can find so many hair fall treatment or products in the market and even cheap brands have variants for the issue so we can instantly treat them before it is too late. However, if you need a brand that not only trusted by many users but also proven to deliver a good benefit into our hair and scalp by the ingredients and technology they use, one of the best will be Zenagen.

This brand have several lines in their catalogue but if you are looking for those made to deal with hair fall, their Revolve line will be the good option. This line consists of several other products and what’s unique here is they are separating shampoo for men and women because of the possible different performance and issue based on the pattern in each gender. Beside the shampoo, they also have the conditioner but this product can be used by either man or women.

Applying Zenagen
Because Zenagenfor hair fall problem are all regular product which means they are not made to be applied with special instruction, we can use them like using regular shampoo and conditioner. First apply an amount on scalp and hair and wait for 5 minutes to allow it penetrate the surface and rinse thoroughly then followed with the conditioner and rinse again. It is recommended to use Zenagen every other day to make sure our scalp and hair are clean and for maximum result.

Zenagen Benefit
The benefit of Zenagen is derived from the ingredients it used in their formulation and for the shampoo, they are using a list of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea and water hyssop or bacopa extract. These ingredients work hand in hand with the other blend to help customers reduce DHT which is the hormone we naturally produce that can cause hair loss. By removing it from our scalp, it will help our new hair to grow healthily and give back our luscious hair.

About Nioxin
It is good to have another option when looking for something because then we can compare them to see if our choice is already correct or if we can find another product that can give an even better results. If you need an option to handle your thinning hair due to hair breakage, you may want to check Nioxin because this brand is also very popular with their huge amount of solution available with hair thinning as the focus.

The core of their treatment will be the shampoo because this is an important step to apply another treatment after and if you are planning to do all the treatment, Nioxin have several lines in the catalogue that are combining at least 3 products to fully cover the treatment from shampoo until those toner like solution that we have to apply without being rinse. Read also: Kitoko Oil vs Moroccan Oil here.

Applying Nioxin
Using Nioxin treatment is very easy, the one in our article is No. 1 and it is used to deal with hair thinning due to breakage and not for hair fall. To use this shampoo, we only have to apply an amount on scalp and hair while massaging to help remove any dirt and oil then rinse and followed with its conditioner. The complete step will be applying scalp and hair treatment directly to scalp and leave them without rinsing.

Nioxin Benefit
What makes Nioxin so popular is how they work for people who need to thicken their hair and help protecting their hair against breakage due to the technology and ingredients. When used in full set, their Active-Renewal formulation will remove and cleanse follicle-clogging sebum and other dirt to create a cleaner environmental for scalp and hair. Bioamp will control the moisture and strengthen hair while the last step is meant to provide protection against UV damage and let the hair grow healthily.

Now, let’s compare Zenagen with Nioxin. As you may already know, both of them are indeed target thinning hair but they are dealing with a different core problems because Zenagen is used to help people who want to stop hair fall while Nioxin is focusing on strengthening the hair so it won’t break easily and cause our hair to look thinner.

Zenagen vs Nioxin

- Zenagen revolve thickening therapy for women, is the most powerful, non-daily, professional beauty grade, hair loss product in the world.
- The zenagen revolve line of product targets hair loss, hair shedding and thinning hair in a simple to use, naturally derived, shampoo formulation.
- Nioxin Cleanser for Fine Hair System 1 Natural Hair | Early Stages of Thinning
- 33.8 oz (1 Liter)

All in all, both of them are a good option and are worth to try but because they are made to handle different problems, we also have to match them with our needs. If your problem is hair fall, Zenagen will be the better option but if they are weak and easy to break, Nioxin seems to have the right formulation for the issue.