Zenagen Vs Vegamour

By | May 14, 2022

Hair loss solutions Zenagen Vs Vegamour are perfect for reducing hair fall and thickening. These hair care products are formulated with beneficial ingredients and are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. However, they have different active ingredients and also some differences. If you wonder which brand to try next, let’s see what to expect from the two here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What Cause Hair Loss
  • What are Zenagen and Vegamour
  • How is the Formulation of Zenagen and Vegamour
  • What are the Ingredients of Zenagen and Vegamour
  • What are the Benefits of Zenagen and Vegamour
  • How to Use Zenagen and Vegamour
  • How is the Performance of Zenagen and Vegamour
  • Zenagen Vs Vegamour

Hair Loss Causes

Like skin, hair health is essential for most people. Having luscious, thick, and shiny hair is a dream of so many of us. Unfortunately, the goal is not something we can achieve instantly, and it often requires countless product trials and time invested in the products. Hair loss and thinning is a nightmare because we lose so much hair in a short period, and it can affect both your physical look and mental health. Hair loss has so many factors that count.

If your condition is concerning, we recommend visiting a dermatologist or your doctor to find the cause and recommendations. Most people probably think that hair loss only affects men, but more than half of women experience hair loss, with the most common reason being female-pattern baldness. About one in three women is susceptible to this hair issue, and in the United States alone, approximately 30 million women are suffering from the FPHL.

Other common external causes of hair loss in women are hairstyle, vitamin deficiency, dieting or rapid weight loss, and over-processing hair. You can also experience hair loss due to internal health issues such as extreme physical stress or shock to your body, severe emotional stress, abnormal thyroid, medications and supplements, and hormone changes. Some people suffer from hair loss due to inevitable causes, including genes, aging, and menopause. If someone or more people in your family have FPHL, you may suffer from the exact cause.

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About Zenagen and Vegamour

Because hair loss is a prevalent issue, there are many different hair solutions to try. Your dermatologist may even prescribe medication and vitamins as a supplement to support hair health. You can also buy over-the-counter supplements and hair products to help ease the problem; the faster we try to fix hair loss, the better it is. Currently, we have no cure for baldness, and even hair implants are not always working. However, there are promising options depending on your preference.

Hair loss medication or drugs such as Propidren Vs Rogaine are usually more potent for most people, but they are not as natural as many other solutions. Zenagen and Vegamour are some of the most popular and effective hair loss solutions for those who prefer a more natural alternative. These brands formulate their products with natural ingredients to give various health benefits and hair restoration. We love this type of solution because they are easy to integrate with your hair routine.

You have to remember to take it daily with medication, but hair care like shampoo and serum are easier to apply because they fall into your hair care regime already. Just change your primary hair care with Zenagen and Vegamour to benefit from healthier and thicker hair. While using different formulations, both brands have the same goal: to reduce hair loss and, over time, help grow more hair. They are not an instant solution, so we have to be patient to see the result.

The core collection of Zenagen we choose today is their Revolve shampoo to help reduce hair fall and help grow more hair. You can change the usual shampoo and wash your hair with this shampoo every other day to enjoy the benefit. Vegamour also has a similar core line, but today we are choosing their leave-in or hair serum which can replace your hair tonic if you have used one before.

Zenagen and Vegamour Formulation

Zenagen Revolve shampoo comes in a tube with a flip cap and a large bottle with a pump. The shampoo is not very thick but creamy with pure white color. The smell is hard to describe, but it usually lasts long without overpowering, yet it may be too intense for a sensitive nose. The fragrance is fresh and clean, which leaves your hair feeling great even days after washing. Zenagen has another similar shampoo called Evolve, but it is more moisturizing and ideal for damage repair.

On the other hand, the Vegamour hair serum or GRO hair serum is similar to the face serum or ampoule. The serum comes in a dark-tinted glass bottle with a tube applicator. The texture is watery and very light with transparent color. The scent is natural and smells like a flower, but it doesn’t last long on your scalp, especially if you are very active. A bottle of this serum only contains 30ml, so you will need to purchase it again very soon.

Zenagen and Vegamour Ingredients 

The most crucial thing in a hair loss solution is its ingredients because this is where you can see what the manufacturers put in their products. Zenagen and Vegamour use natural ingredients like plant extract to rejuvenate hair and fight hair loss. Zenagen Revolve shampoo has sulfate, specifically ammonium Laureth sulfate, so this shampoo may not be the best option if you want to maintain freshly-dyed hair. The natural sources are Bacopa monnieri leaf, Tea plant extract, Aloe leaf juice, Red clover, and Saw Palmetto.

On the other hand, the Vegamour GRO serum is also rich in natural ingredients. This hair serum has Red clover, Mung bean, Curcuma longa, Nicotiana benthamiana, Caffeine, Hemp oil, Biotin, and many more. Vegamour also chooses to use Sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate for the shampoo if you avoid sulfates for safety reasons.

Zenagen and Vegamour Benefits 

Bacopa monnieri or Brahmi is a creeping herb and popular in ayurvedic. This plant contains alkaloids which may activate proteins that help hair growth. This ingredient seems to strengthen hair follicles and is very soothing to help promote the ideal condition for hair to strive for. Green tea is an excellent addition to your wash. Zenagen incorporates this ingredient to provide anti-inflammatory benefits and protect your hair and scalp from free radicals to promote hair growth. Aloe leaf juice is rich in fatty acids and amino acids that strengthen hair.

Red clover is a popular ingredient in skincare and cosmetics. This ingredient contains vitamin C and minerals to supply nutrients to your scalp. It will help treat the scalp by reducing dandruff and irritation and smoothening the texture of the hair while adding a little more volume. It can even strengthen the hair root to prevent hair fall. As for Saw Palmetto, the ingredient is beneficial for blocking DHT production, which is often the cause of hair loss in men and women.

On the other hand, the Mung bean is rich in various vitamins and minerals. This ingredient will deliver these nutrients to your scalp and promote hair health by nourishing it. Curcuma or turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect and is a huge help in treating the scalp, so it is beneficial for hair loss. Nicotiana benthamiana works together with turmeric to ease skin inflammation and works by thickening hair for a healthier and fuller appearance. Caffeine has similar benefits to Saw palmetto.

According to research, this ingredient can help stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss by fighting DHT and promoting hair shaft elongation to give you healthier-looking, wider, and longer hair from the roots. Hemp oil is rich in omega-3 and fatty acids, which may help promote hair health. Biotin is vitamin B, and topical application may help strengthen existing hair, especially by preventing breakage and splits.

Applying Zenagen and Vegamour

Depending on your product, Zenagen and Vegamour are relatively easy to include in your hair care routine. Zenagen Revolve shampoo can replace your existing shampoo and reap the benefit. We usually shampoo every other day, but you can try washing according to skin type and activity, like twice a week. Zenagen has sulfate, so it may be drying, so we recommend adding conditioner after rinsing. The Vegamour GRO serum is a leave-in solution, so apply an adequate amount to the scalp every day or after washing.

Zenagen and Vegamour Performance

The Zenagen and Vegamour may give a different experience for different users. The Revolve shampoo is very easy to use and cleans the scalp well. The conditioner will help maintain moisture for longer and is highly recommended. The result starts showing in about three months of application as new hair starts to grow and hair fall is noticeably less. The Vegamour GRO serum can make your scalp oily, especially if you naturally have oily skin. The serum is very easy to apply but doesn’t last very long.

Most people can keep the serum for about a month with routine application and see the benefit for three or four months. Some people notice results as fast as the second month, but many don’t find any difference after the second to fourth month.

Zenagen Vs Vegamour

Both Zenagen and Vegamour use natural ingredients, which is great if you avoid medication like Minoxidil. The performance may vary among users, but Zenagen seems to be more effective in reducing and regrowing hair, even though you have to wait for at least three months to see the effects. The Vegamour serum may increase the oil production on your scalp and cause itchiness or push you to wash more often due to buildup. The serum is also quite expensive and won’t last a month if you apply it to the whole scalp.

- Reduces hair loss, thinning and shedding with an innovative plant-based formula that is both safe and effective.
- The two-part Revolve System for Women works conveniently in the shower in just 5 minutes, 3 – 4 times per week.
- In just five minutes, Zenagen’s unique topical green tea delivery system penetrates deep into the hair follicle and transports powerful nutraceutical ingredients directly to the area where dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is produced.
- Minoxidil-Free, Color Safe, Cruelty-Free, Vegan
- HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH - Plants extracts help visibly increase hair density up to 50%
- SAFE & EFFECTIVE - We left out all the bad stuff found in other products
- STRONGER ROOTS - Use it as an all-over scalp energizer
- PROVEN INGREDIENTS - Our original, vegan formula helps hair grow longer, stronger


The decision is yours because Zenagen and Vegamour are equally safe and easy to use. We recommend Zenagen and its core line because it is easier to incorporate into your hair care routine and effectively fights hair loss with the routine application.