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Theradome Vs iRestore Pro

Hair is valuable for everyone. Because hair is so important to everyone, everyone always tries to look after and care for it. There are many ways to maintain hair to keep it growing properly. Each method presented also has different benefits and purposes so you can choose which one is the most suitable for you.… Read More »

Hairmax vs Igrow 

Losing hair can be a common problem, especially for the elderly or those during the nursing period. A hormonal change or diseases can also lead to this matter. That is why various products to fight hair loss appear in the market recently. Some of them including Hairmax VS Igrow which using the latest innovation and… Read More »

Hairmax vs Capillus 

Have a healthy and thick hair are everyone’s dream. Nobody ever expects to have any problem with their hair, such as thinning hair, baldness, or other hair loss problems. As science and technology have advanced, there is a new way to help you with this hair problem. Using laser light technology, it is clinically tested… Read More »

Theradome vs IGrow 

Hair loss can be a big problem for anyone to experience. Thinning hair and baldness are two typical hair problem that nobody ever expected. Bald hair can turn your look seemed older and less attractive. This is because generally, people have a thought that baldness is a symbol for the end of youth. Moreover, people… Read More »

Nutrafol vs Rogaine

There are so many solutions to make your hair look more beautiful especially if they are in bad shape before due to various reasons. One of the most common hair issues is hair loss itself which can be caused by different triggers. You can ask for professional treatment or look for over the counter solutions… Read More »

HAIRtamin vs Hairfinity

Hair supplements are very popular in the last several years through different social media and celebrities alike. They are marketed as a solution to improve your hair’s natural look based on the beneficial ingredients. HAIRtamin Vs Hairfinity are two of the most well-known hair supplements out there with tons of good reviews from users who… Read More »

Paul Mitchell vs Redken

If you truly love your standard shampoo, do you have to waste time with another shampoo? The answer is yes, you do.  High quality shampoos usually still leave a build-up on your hair after some time which causes your strands to feel overloaded. By adding a decent shampoo to your everyday practice, you can light… Read More »